[APPLE] An overrated, overpriced Chinese piece of junk

In today's tech trends Apple seems to be a fashion product without any doubt of its performance, price, and maintenance cost. Today I will try to share a story of this brand from my perspective.
I have been using Apple products e.g. mobile (iPhone 6s), laptop Macbook air early 2014 for around 2 years now. On the side, I am also using an HP g6 laptop for around 4years for high-performance stuff. In comparison, the price of my HP g6 laptop was US$723 whereas Macbook air was US$999+tax. Now in 5 years, my HP laptop needs only one maintenance and it was my 665GB hard drive, whereas for Macbook air I have to change equipment for 2 times already in 2 years. First,  I had to buy an apple charger (what the hell they call it mega-shit or something) and second now I had to go to the apple genius bar!!!! with a peculiar problem where my Mac goes to sleep randomly in the midst of work. And moreover, to fix it they are asking me to pay them US$475 (without tax). So, here I am whining about it so that any user before buying this piece of junk think about that stuff. Issue video -

Care point
HP or some other brand
In 2 years broke 2 times
In 5 years broke 1 time
Maintenance cost
HP fixed my drive for free
Useless (asked me to install OS again)
Onsite support
Genius bar!!!
Real good.

I am also adding an image of cost sheet so that you can verify for yourself,

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