[APPLE] An overrated, overpriced Chinese piece of junk

In today's tech trends Apple seems to be a fashion product without any doubt of its performance, price, and maintenance cost. Today I will try to share a story of this brand from my perspective.
I have been using Apple products e.g. mobile (iPhone 6s), laptop Macbook air early 2014 for around 2 years now. On the side, I am also using an HP g6 laptop for around 4years for high-performance stuff. In comparison, the price of my HP g6 laptop was US$723 whereas Macbook air was US$999+tax. Now in 5 years, my HP laptop needs only one maintenance and it was my 665GB hard drive, whereas for Macbook air I have to change equipment for 2 times already in 2 years. First,  I had to buy an apple charger (what the hell they call it mega-shit or something) and second now I had to go to the apple genius bar!!!! with a peculiar problem where my Mac goes to sleep randomly in the midst of work. And moreover, to fix it they are asking me to pay them US$475 (without tax). So, here I am whining about it so that any user before buying this piece of junk think about that stuff. Issue video -

Care point
HP or some other brand
In 2 years broke 2 times
In 5 years broke 1 time
Maintenance cost
HP fixed my drive for free
Useless (asked me to install OS again)
Onsite support
Genius bar!!!
Real good.

I am also adding an image of cost sheet so that you can verify for yourself,

[Android] Trivia quiz Game of Flag for android 4.0 and higher is available

                                                                     Game of Flag

How much do you know about the flag? Can you identify which flag is for which country? Can you write down the exact correct name of the country from a collection of unordered letters? If so, let us start the adventure. On the journey, we guarantee 100% unpredictability of letters and it is as much hard as you guessed. Even we don't know how the country flag will be organised for you and how will be the letters!!! It learns from your device (?) and organised itself that way. This game comes with cool animation and sound. You will be amazed certainly.

Level (1 - 8)
It has 8 level. All are generated randomly with increasing difficulty.

Sound can be turn off and you can also reset the game.

Coins and Hints
You can get free hints from *shop* section. Hints are used to solve the flag. We have 4 usages of hints point.
1) Information (Which region this country is on?) 1 hints use.
2) Delete (Delete unnecessary letter from puzzle) 2 hints use.
3) Half fill (Will fill the answer half) 3 hints usage.
4) Autocomplete (Will fill the answer automatically) 4 hints usage.

You can buy 3 types of hints packages
1. 50 hints
2. 100 hints
3. 200 hints

Let's not talk anymore! Start the game and enjoy. On the way let me know how you fill.

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Video Downloader for vimeo, metacafe, dailymotion, animeultima in Android

                                                Fig: Video Downloader for Android

Video Downloader is an easy video downloading tool for android devices. It has support for the various sites including Vimeo, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Animeultima, Mp4upload and AUEngine. It developed on low-level system language which gives faster video link grabbing capability. It also has resume capability and downloads history tracking option.

New supported video sites --

1. liveleak.com
2. animefreak.tv
3. aol.com
4. animeultima.io
5. dailymotion.com
6. auengine.io
7. mp4upload.com
8. tudou.com
9. veoh.com
10. metacafe.com
11. vimeo.com

How to use:
Step 1: Use the action bar search box for searching the video streaming site (ex: vimeo, metacafe, ... etc).
Step 2: Go to the specific site and click on the video title to stream.
Step 3: Click on the download button from the action bar which is available besides search icon.
Step 4: Upon successful grabbing, the video will be added to the list.
Step 5: Touch the video for starting the download.
Step 6: On complete video file will be available in the AnyDownloader folder inside sd card.

Note: For clearing/removing the downloaded video from the list, long press on the video.

youtube download not supported.

[python] Building and installing python3.x with python2.x in Linux

RHEL 6.x doesn't comes with python3. So if any of your project require python3 and also some of the projects need python2 then you may need those 2 version same time in your system.

gcc (C89)/g++

1. Download python3.x package from https://www.python.org/downloads/release/python-343/
2. Extract it and move inside the package python-3.4.3
$ cd /python-3.4.3
3. Open a console and run the following configure command. We will build python with shared library support as many of the other project will require python3 dynamic library linking.

so, configure it by,
$ ./configure --prefix=/opt/python3 --enable-shared

We are putting build output directory as /opt/python3.

4. After completion now build it by,

$ make
 5. Then install it by alternate installation by,
$ make altinstall

6. Now create a symlink of the newly created python3 binary and copy the shared library to the /lib64/ directory of filesystem.
$ ln -s /opt/python3/bin/python3.4 /usr/bin/python3
$ cp /opt/python3/libpython3.* /lib64/
7.  Now run python script by,
 $ python3 my.py
And your python2 is also ok and usable!