[Android] Trivia quiz Game of Flag for android 4.0 and higher is available

                                                                     Game of Flag

How much do you know about the flag? Can you identify which flag is for which country? Can you write down the exact correct name of the country from a collection of unordered letters? If so, let us start the adventure. On the journey, we guarantee 100% unpredictability of letters and it is as much hard as you guessed. Even we don't know how the country flag will be organised for you and how will be the letters!!! It learns from your device (?) and organised itself that way. This game comes with cool animation and sound. You will be amazed certainly.

Level (1 - 8)
It has 8 level. All are generated randomly with increasing difficulty.

Sound can be turn off and you can also reset the game.

Coins and Hints
You can get free hints from *shop* section. Hints are used to solve the flag. We have 4 usages of hints point.
1) Information (Which region this country is on?) 1 hints use.
2) Delete (Delete unnecessary letter from puzzle) 2 hints use.
3) Half fill (Will fill the answer half) 3 hints usage.
4) Autocomplete (Will fill the answer automatically) 4 hints usage.

You can buy 3 types of hints packages
1. 50 hints
2. 100 hints
3. 200 hints

Let's not talk anymore! Start the game and enjoy. On the way let me know how you fill.